More Beautiful Error Bars in R

The rather complex structure and syntax of R (at least to the spoiled SPSS user that I am) comes with a steep learning curve but also with a huge profit: Flexibility. I managed to produce multiple clustered error bars in R today that come across better than a comparable SPSS output:
With regard to my experiment, the graph shows that despite the fact that an ANOVA does not deliver a significant interaction effect of microworld and participant gender, the effect of stereotype threat varies over different microworlds. FSYS produces the smallest gender effects and exhibits the smallest (and statistically insignificant) gender differences in the no stereotype threat condition.

With regard to R, two days of extensive reading and trial-and-error (and my sketchy previous knowledge) have enabled me to achieve almost all the graphical functionality I require (ANOVA interaction plots are next). Maybe R's learning curve isn't that steep after all. What I learned today: the use of the par() function for changing R's graphic output settings and using that to create a multiple figure environment that I then filled with three custom-generated error bars.

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Blogger Hans said...

a) Nice,but the female dashes are too long. Should be half the size, or even better, dotted.

b) If you can quickly master R's functionality, that means that the learning curve IS steep.

Viel SpaƟ noch mit Err!

11:05 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Please share code. Nice work!

3:17 PM  
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