Pet Shop Boys live in Berlin

I have this fantasy: I am terminally ill and the Make a Wish Foundation grants me one final wish. I ask for a cup of tea with Neil Tennant.
I've been a fan of the Pet Shop Boys since 1993's very. Their albums were the sound track of my adolescence and my first love. I still adore their music, not for sentimental reasons, but because I really like it. Electronic and innovative (I consider Trentemøller's Sodom remix on the Fundamental album one of the best PSB remixes ever). They came to Berlin yesterday and I went so see them with Daniel. Neil was great as always: "We'll play songs from the eighties, the nineties and from however we call this decade". My favorite: "Let me introduce everyone on stage [introduction of dancers and singers follows]. On the keyboards: Chris Lowe! And my Name is Neil Tennant and we are STILL the Pet Shop Boys."

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