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What I totally forgot to mention: I have a new homepage! Yeah I know, what a lime thing to have in times of blogs,but its still the best way to bloat with your publication list. So there it goes. I created it with iWeb on my new MacBook and it was real easy. Making things that look nice involves really very little effort on a Mac. Its probabely not as cool as handcoding it in HTML and CSS line by line, but it just takes up less time. So if you read this, check it out and tell me what you think. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Blogger Hans said...

Sieht doch nach Standard äh sehr schön aus. (Warum geht hier kein strike-tag?) Aber schau doch mal, was passiert, wenn man die Schriftgröße ändert, soll das so sein?

6:05 PM  
Blogger bertolt said...

Versteh ich nicht. Was passiert denn, wenn ich die Schriftgröße ändere? Bei mir sieht das ganz ok aus...

1:07 PM  
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