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Ok, it has been on engadget today, but this gadget is so i-want-one that I can't resist to write something about it. And it has been conceived here in Berlin (at the UdK)!
The idea is so simple: a watch that knows where you are, where your next appointment will be, how to get there and how much time it takes to get there. The JITWatch gets the data (GPS position, local transport time tables and appointments) via bluetooth from your mobile (given that you have a working GPS dongle, a GPRS/UMTS flatrate, an always-on-attitude and coverage) and tells you when to leave and where to be. Still very prototype and maybe a bit too Stuttgart in terms of engineering, but still.. i want one. By Martin Frey.

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Blogger sho said...

in japan hätte ich für einen kleinen aufpreis ein gps-handy kaufen können. ist total en vogue, zu wissen, wo sich die freunde so rumtreiben...scary.

10:34 AM  
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