A few thoughts on the VirginiaTech shooting in Blacksburg, VA

What a horrible tragedy. My thoughts are with the friends and families of the victims. Unimaginable. If someone close to me would get shot dead at the university by some maniac... I wouldn't know what to do.
Contrary to some people's views, I think it is reasonable to contemplate the reasons and background of this horrible incident. I cannot understand the laws of gun control in the USA and I especially cannot understad those who argue for more guns after the tragedy, claiming that it would have taken only one armed student to stop the shooting. If the shooter had not been able to get a gun in the first place, no one would have had the necessity to stop him.
Gun control does not prevent all of such incidents - the shooting in Erfurt is a sad example. But it drastically reduces the risk of such things happening. My problem is: I cannot understand why the rights to bear and possess arms is so important for many Americans. I know it is a constitutional right, but just why is it so important? Why do so many people in the states want to own a gun? Comments are really appreciated.

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Blogger Hans said...

... we Europeans really cannot grasp this, but I think it has to do with them gradually conquering the vast continent and having to defend themselves against all sort of enemies (indians and such) with no government or state around to help them. We shouldn't be so quick to condemn their stance to weapons, it is a cultural phenomenon. Besides, the VA massacre is a probably the worst occasion to start this discussion; it hurts the victims'/relatives' feelings if their fate is abused for political discussion. The guy was mentally sick, and its almost impossible to avoid such a tragedy (cf Erfurt). You might start the whole weapons discussion by comparing statistics on gunshot murder/homicide, but probably at a less sensitive time.

12:08 PM  
Blogger bertolt said...

Actually, I was not condemning their stance to weapons, I was just wondering about its origins. And I do not feel that I am abusing anyone's fate by asking this question. I think that it is only natural that particular questions arise in the context of certain (tragic) incidents. The Erfurt massacre sparked a very heated debate on ego shooters immediately after it occurred; hurricane Kathrina caused a heated discussion on many social and racial issues. I do not see why this case should be any different.

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