BBB - BitchyButchBrussels

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure to DJ at the BitchyButch Party in Brussels. One of BitchyButch's organizers, Michelange, is friends with the organizers of PopPourri (Hans and Seba), where I sometimes play. Michelange asked the two whether they would like to do an evening in Brussels, and Hans asked me to play. So on Saturday, after very few hours of sleep (I played at PopPourri the night before), Seba, Hans and me took a plane from Tempelhof to Brussels. Hans had warned me that he had no idea what to expect, and my worse-case scenario was a tiny bar with a few bear-type gays. It turned out very different: Bitchybutch was a great party, mixed crowd, packed dancefloor, beautiful club. We had a great night with loads of rock, indie, elektro and pop. It turned out to be a fun weekend with my first international appearance. :-) Thank you, Michelange, Hans & Seba!

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