How to make a list of own publications in LaTeX in APA Style with sub-headings

Your PhD is through and you apply for a post doc or, after that went through, write a grant proposal. And you have to attach a list of your own publications. You wrote everything else in LaTeX, so that should be in LaTeX as well. How do you do that in APA style and with subheadings (e.g., "Peer-reviewed journal articles", "Manusripts under review")? It took me a while to figure out so I thought I'd share it with the web. First, apacite and biblatex seem to be incompatible, so that does not work out. My solution is a combination of the apacite package and the bibunits package. This works for me:


\large{\flushleft Publications by Bertolt Meyer}\\

\renewcommand{\refname}{\normalsize Manuscripts under review}

\renewcommand{\refname}{\normalsize Monographies}


This requires a BibTeX bibliography file blit.bib in the same folder that holds the document. Somehow, a reference to my usual bibfile containing all my references didn't work, so I copied all of my own publications into a seperate bib.

Running latex over the above codes produces a sub-bibliography file bu[i] for every section, so in this case bu1 and bu2. Bibtex has to be run seperately over these two, which does not work from within TeXShop, so you have to do that from the console. The \renewcommand{\refname}{\normalsize Monographies}command changes the bibliography heading or title from "References" to something custom ("Monographies" in this case) and adjusts the font size of the bibliography heading acordingly.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Here is another way to do this.

I am not used to apacite: I use natbib instead. Apacite generates the references in a format that was a pain to configure (small fonts, no space between the references, it automatically switched some keywords in French when I didn't want to, etc).
A friend of mine suggested a solution which is not fully automated but as efficient.
It works with the package natbib and using the \bibliographystyle{apalike}
1) you create a document that cites all your publications and you compile it. This generates a .bbl file then
2) you open the .bbl file and steal whole bibliography in there with all the bibitem (just copy and paste into a fresh latex document)
3) You can use the command \renewcommand{\refname}{You name it} to change the title of the bibliography. Of course you can split the list in different bibliographies that you can list.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this recipe.
If the documentclass is 'book', the \refname command has to be changed to \bibname.

3:53 PM  
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Blogger Mārtiņš Liberts said...

Great! Thank you very much! I was straggling one day to get the list of publications in my theses. I was looking for the option to use apacit, because I like it very much (better then natbib with apastyle).

Your solution works very well. I will make a separate luncher for extra BiBTeX runs on bu1.aux, etc. And I can use one bib file both for bibliography and list of publications. May be it is fixed now in bibunits.


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Today, the manual is in its sixth edition, and the APA format is a widely recognized standard for many forms of writing.

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