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A lot of the hype in the web2.0 world is around the concpt of tagging. Tags are attached to objects by human beings, but there are thoughts whether this can be done automatically. One of the first services that offer free public auto tagging is the topicalizer. It auto-generates keywords for any URL along with a load of other statistics (e. g. readibility etc). It didn't work very wellfor the German sites I entered, but it as a nice API. I would really like to do a study determining the similarity of automatically generated tags and user-generated tags (i.e. with delicious tag clouds or skillMap-tags).

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Blogger Willy said...


I am Björn Wilmsmann, the developer of Topicalizer. Thanks for mentioning this service. If you need any help with comparing Topicalizer's results to user-generated tags or have any questions regarding the service, just let me know.

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