First day of the Wb n+1 workshop @ Sun Microsystems Switzerland

Insights from the internal Web n+1 workshop at Sun microsystems in Zürich on 23/24 january that we were kindly invited to by Peter Reiser.

On the first day, we received positive feedback from the Sun people on our skillMap/tagNet project that I demonstrated twice during that day. Some quotes of participants' reactions:

"I think its really cool"
"they're onto a real problem"
"their model is the better model"
"It would be useful to pilot"

That was a great start and we hope to get approval for a pilot that we planned during the afternoon. High spirits in the evening, great swiss Käsefondue at Swiss Chuchi in central Zürich. A big thank you to Peter for the kind invitation and a tremendous day. I met some great people, for example Matt Stevens, Henry Story, Dave Levy and Chris Gerhard. I got a short mention in Dave's blog.

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