iPhone: European model and SIM card slot

Walt Mossberg:
[The iPhone] can't use the digital cards (called
SIM cards) that would allow it to run on T-Mobile's network.
All mobile phones in Europe operate on the GSM and/or UMTS network standard, both of which rely on SIM cards. To my knowledge, there is not a single mobile Phone on the European market that does not have a SIM card slot (although some phones are locked for exclusive operation with certain provider SIM-cards ("SIM lock")). Thus, the European version of the iPhone, announced later this year, will have to feature a SIM card slot, most probably with SIM-lock, as the iPhone will be exclusive to one operator in Germany: There was a story on Germany's biggest online news mag, Spiegel Online, on the fight among operators for the iPhone contract. Translation of the title and intro:
Monopoly business: German mobile network operators brawl over the iPhone

One player gets it all: Like in the USA, Apple seems to plan granting only one mobile network operator in Germany the exclusive right to sell the iPhone. A grim fight over the cult device has erupted among the industry.

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