The Rule of Least Annoyance

On all of my recent journeys, I encountered situations in which I was annoyed by other travelers. Travelers who try to jump the queue at the check-in. Passengers who block the aisle during boarding by undressing and stowing in super slow-mo while 100 others are stuck behind them; most of them still outside of the plane. People who smuggle two pieces of hand luggage past the check-in only to have one piece taken away from them by gate staff while others wait behind them. These people annoy me to death. They exhibit zero interest for the annoyance they create for the people around them.

When standing in line at the security check, I take off my jacket and belt, empty my pockets and take out my macbook before I reach the x-ray scan. When I board the plane and reach my row, I take a step into it before stowing my hand luggage.

There is a very simple rule in traveling: Create the least possible annoyance for the people around you. I advocate death penalty for those who break this rule. And I suggest a service similar to youparklikeanasshole.com, e.g. youbehavelikeanasshole.com.

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